A loan for those in debt without creditworthiness

Loans for those in debt are for people who have or have had in the past, problems with paying their debts. Check if you have a loan with a negative credit history in BIK.

Loan for those in debt without creditworthiness


A loan for those in debt without creditworthiness is an offer of non-bank loan companies that grant so-called quick cash loans – payday loans. It is an alternative to the credit offer of banks that provide financing only to persons with creditworthiness.

Online loans are aimed at people who may have:

  • problems paying off their obligations,
  • negative credit history in GFI (Credit Information Bureau) or GC,
  • arrears collected by the bailiff.

An important factor that determines the granting of loans for those in debt is timely repayment of the current debt.

Do you know that…

According to data provided by the Good Finance – Polish consumers in 2018 took out consumer loans for a total value of USD 68 billion.

Where to borrow money without creditworthiness?


Regardless of whether your debt is an unpaid loan installment or unregulated gas or water bills – you can apply for loans for those in debt online.

There are many offers on the market, but to find the one that best suits your needs, use the payday compare tool. You can compare all available offers of non-bank companies, providing a specific repayment period and the amount you are interested in.

The presented proposals will differ from each other in the amount of the monthly installment and the total cost of the loan. You will also compare GFI loans that interest you.

Loan for those in debt – how to get it quickly?

Loan for those in debt - how to get it quickly?

The procedure for obtaining a loan for an indebted person is much shorter than when taking a standard loan. The lender is only interested in the amount and regularity of inflows to the account.

Usually, there is no need to provide an employment contract and other certificates. All you need is your ID card and account statement. Most loan companies make loans online, you won’t have to move from the couch.

A consolidation loan without creditworthiness


A consolidation loan is a type of financing that allows you to combine all your loans into one installment. Until recently, only banks could offer their clients consolidation loans. Today, even people without creditworthiness can get a consolidation loan – from a non-bank company or private investors.

Non -bank companies that grant a consolidation loan to those in debt accept various sources of income. Depending on the company that grants the loan, you may be required to provide proof of employment, a ZUS certificate or a bank statement that confirms your receipt.

When you take out a debt consolidation loan, you must have collateral. There are companies on the market that grant consolidation loans without collateral in the form of pledges.

Consolidation loan without creditworthiness – what documents?

Consolidation loan without creditworthiness - what documents?

As in the case of cash loans for those in debt – an ID document (ID card) is sufficient. If a foreigner wants to take a loan, he must submit a document confirming the right to permanent residence on the territory of the country.

In addition to the ID document, you must complete all loan agreements that you want to consolidate. It can be a mortgage, cash loan or credit card agreement. You will also need a debt certificate – the loan amount will be calculated on this basis.

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