50-year-old Horseshoe Bay history book set for release this summer


Although the history of Horseshoe Bay doesn’t go back as far as that of neighboring towns, it is still a subject worthy of a book. Residents Jim Jorden and Linda Lambert are co-editing “The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas 1971-2021,” which is expected to be available this summer.

Ellen Hurd suggested the idea. Her late husband, Wayne Hurd, and cousin Norman Hurd created the LBJ Lake community from the old “Coke” ranch. Norman died in 2002; Wayne in 2011.

After reading a history book on the town of Lakeway, Ellen Hurd asked Jorden to write a similar one on Horseshoe Bay. Soon after, the two submitted the idea to the Horseshoe Bay Property Owners Association.

“They gave us the green light,” Jorden said.

Although Horseshoe Bay does not have a long history compared to other Highlands Lakes towns, locals like Jim Jorden believe it to be a worthy town. He co-edits the forthcoming book “The Story of Horseshoe Bay, Texas 1971-2021”. Courtesy photo

Hurd and Jorden enlisted the help of others, forming the Horseshoe Bay History Group of 14 people.

“All of them are writing an article in their area of ​​expertise,” Jorden said of the group.

The 180-page book will have a prologue, and each chapter will delve into different parts of Horseshoe Bay’s history, including its original families and what makes it an “amazing city,” Jorden said.

Contributors include long-time residents and new residents.

“We have dozens of people living here since the 1970s,” he said.

The plan is to publish the book in time to be sold at the city’s annual July 4th celebration, with the price yet to be determined. At its April 13 meeting, Horseshoe Bay City Council pledged $ 6,000 to print 500 copies. The money will be recovered through the sale of the book.

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