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With Memorial Day coming up weekend, it’s time to pay tribute to longtime Chippewa Falls Area Unified School District teacher John Kinville.

Kinville, a social studies teacher at Chippewa Falls Senior High, is working on publishing her second book. He has been teaching high school since the fall of 2003 and is an alumnus of Chippewa Falls High School, 1997.

The book is titled “Letters of Harry Kramer from Chippewa Falls: A WW2 Story of a Sailor’s Fateful Journey from Wisconsin to Pearl Harbor.” This book is a true story about a Chippewa Falls graduate, class of 1938, named Harry Wellington Kramer.

Kinville took Flags 4 the Fallen students to Harry’s Grave in 2013 and 2017. A total of 80 students had the opportunity to participate in this trip. Flags 4 the Fallen History Travel Team is an educational organization dedicated to identifying, researching, visiting and honoring historical, cultural and military places connecting our school to the greater human narrative found in Wisconsin, USA and world history. The “4” represents the four main branches of wartime military service: Marine Corps, Army, Navy/Coast Guard, and Air Force.

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This group of students, accompanied by their teacher, visited many sites associated with Harry Kramer, including Pearl Harbor Naval Station, Waikiki Beach, Diamond Head and the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific, nicknamed “The Punchbowl”, where Harry is buried. They also connected with Harry’s surviving nieces and nephews and some students built two tribute display cases featuring his personal high school artifacts.

Kinville is under contract with Arcadia Publishing and The History Press, and the final manuscript is due September 1.


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