André Butzer TASCHEN Art Book Paintings Expressionism


Over the past 30 years André Butzer has forged his own path in the ever-changing course of the art world. By blending European Expressionism with American popular culture, the German artist has developed a unique visual lexicon centered on the fictional space colony NASAHEIM.

As an in-depth study of his work, TASCHEN presents a giant format book that chronicles Butzer’s emblematic universe. Described by the artist as ‘Science-Fiction-Expressionism’, each painting bears a range of disparate influences – from comics and folk art, Henri Matisse and Walt Disney, to Friedrich Hölderlin and Henry Ford.

Butzer’s anthropomorphic forms are as much a study of color, line, and painterly expressionism as they are a reflection on humanity’s search for utopia amid the waves of mass consumption. For him, the paintings represent the “locations of greatest despair and hope”, which is why “they come closest to the joy and the help we desperately need”.

Andre Butzer is a great addition to the bookcase or coffee table. Limited to just 4,000 copies, the 428-page book is priced at a bargain price of US$100, given that his work is collected by the likes of Fondazione Prada and has reached six figures in the secondary market. The book is now available for purchase on the TASCEN website.

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