Book Release Party for Sheriff’s Department History Book at 6 North Café on Saturday


A book release party at Six North Café in Wentzville this Saturday, November 7 will celebrate a collaborative effort that tells the story of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department.

The Star Between the Rivers: A History of the St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, 1805-2015 chronicles the department’s journey, from the appointment of the first sheriff following the Louisiana Purchase to the creation of a separate county police department after voters approved a charter change.

“Over 210 years, the department has grown with the community, dealing with legal and political issues and pressures while successfully managing the rapid growth of law enforcement technology and criminal sophistication. Sheriffs, MPs and department staff have experienced triumphs and tragedies – with an unwavering commitment to keeping the people of St. Charles County safe. “

– From The Star Between The Rivers: A History Of The St. Charles County Sheriff’s Department, 1805-2015 back cover

The book was a committee effort suggested in 2014 by St. Charles County Police Officer Dave Fournell after seeing a similar book published by a sheriff’s department in another state.

St. Charles County Executive Steve Ehlmann, Retired St. Charles County Journal Photographer Roy Sykes, Retired St. Charles County Sheriff Tom Neer, St. Charles County Police Chief David Todd, St. Charles County Police Captains David Kaiser and Jim Hudson, Retired St Detective Marsha Corley of the Charles County Sheriff’s Department, St. Charles County Administration Director Joann Leykam and St. Charles County Public Affairs Coordinator Colene McEntee were on the committee to donate life in the book.

“Whether you are a law enforcement professional, history buff or just a proud current or past resident of St. Charles County, you will enjoy the stories and the multitude of images in this book,” said Tom Neer, who wrote the foreword. “It’s exciting to finally have this story documented and in a format to share with the community served by our County Sheriff and our police departments.”

The star between the rivers

Saturday’s book launch party at Six North Café (10 Cliff View Drive in Wentzville) is 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. The public is welcome and participants can meet with committee members and purchase the book for $ 20. Only cash or checks (payable to St. Charles County) will be accepted at the event.

As of Monday, November 9, citizens can purchase books for $ 20 at the following locations. (Credit cards can be accepted for an additional charge.)

If you have any questions, please call the St. Charles County Public Information Office at 636-949-1864 or email [email protected]

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