Dark Horse’s Halo Infinite Art Book Provides Stunning Insight


On the Halo Waypoint site, developer 343 Industries shared some amazing preview images from Dark Horse’s The Art of Halo Infinite book.

Courtesy of a new blog post from developer 343 Industries, fans can take a look at some sample excerpts from The art of Infinite halo, who Black Horse plans to publish later in the year. 343 shared the preview as did Halo Infinite the last multiplayer tech preview has started; it started yesterday, September 23, and will end on September 26. The studio will host another technical preview between September 30 and October 4.

Dark horses The art of the infinite halo is currently available for pre-order through the publisher’s website and retailers like Amazon. With an asking price of $ 39.99, the hardcover compendium has 200 pages of content filled with concept art and developer information. For $ 79.99, Halo devotees can purchase a Deluxe Edition via Dark Horse Direct. The art book carries the same content as the standard version, but with an exclusive cover design, while a “breastplate case“Inspired by Master Chief’s Mjolnir Mark VI motorized assault armor serves as an additional piece. In addition, the Deluxe Edition includes a UNSC wallet adorned with landscape art displayed on”museum grade paper. “


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An internal error almost delayed Halo Infinite Multiplayer tech preview currently in progress. According to a Halo Waypoint The post from game creator Joseph Staten said the error 343 involved accidentally adding a bundle of concept art files in the Tech Preview release. Since the images don’t go into spoiler territory, the team decided to share them publicly, giving fans a glimpse of the stunning art featured in The art of the infinite halo delivered. Check out the new works of art below:

infinite halo art book vehicles

infinity art book halo the ring

infinity halo art book soldiers

infinite halo art book interior ship

Concept art alone portrays the incredible attention to detail packed into Halo Infinite environments, which should be reflected in the final product. Interestingly, this is not the only one Halo-the Dark Horse project currently underway. In March 2022, the publisher plans to release an updated version of the Halo Encyclopedia, a 500-page installment lovingly curated by the 343 Industries franchise team of Jeff Easterling, Jeremy Patenaude and Kenneth Peters.

Infinite halo itself is almost upon us after a long wait. Microsoft and 343 originally intended to launch the shooter alongside the Xbox Series X | S in November 2020; However, the need for additional production time has pushed Master Chief’s new adventure back for over a year.

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Dark horses The art of Infinite halo will launch later this year on December 14, just days after the game’s December 8 release.

Source: Halo Waypoint

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