Domaine Santa Duc: an art book celebrating the 150 years of history of the Gras family in Gigondas


8 March – This year, Gigondas celebrates the 50th anniversary of the appellation. The history of the Gras family is intimately linked to the fortunes of this appellation, which has seen the birth and growth of its own winery, the Domaine Santa Duc. So publishing an art book retracing the journey of their family, from the birth of the estate to the transmission of the relay to the current generation, seemed obvious. It is also an opportunity for this very private family to highlight the new generation of the estate and the way in which father and son, Yves and Benjamin, work together. It took an entire year to document and write this publication, with the same meticulous care and attention to detail that Benjamin and Yves Gras devote to their wines.


Life is like a book, a novel. And when this novel spans several generations, retracing the common destiny of a family over 150 years of stories and stories, it becomes a saga. A saga is measured in the past. To feel its weight, to capture its breath and its density, you have to travel in this past. This is what this book is about: retracing the epic of the Gras family in about ten chapters. And these dozens of “moments”, from 1874 to the present day, tell how these men and women have shaped a vineyard, transmitted a terroir, perpetuated know-how and nurtured the love of this place and this countryside at the foot of the Laces of Montmirail.

Each chapter is illustrated with an image showing places, objects and faces. Fragments of life, fractions of a second in the stories that make up a mosaic as rich and complex as the soil of Gigondas in which the vine has planted its roots.

It is also punctuated with beautiful watercolor illustrations paying homage to the local flora and fauna.


Like a saga that has lasted for decades and includes dozens of characters, this book invites you on a journey. A journey through the windswept vineyards of Grenache, Mourvèdre and Syrah; a trip under the magnificent Provençal sky where the sun reigns supreme and where the shadows stretch out on the white-hot stones; a journey through the silence of the cellars and the intoxicating smell of the cellar where time seems to stand still. A journey into the intimacy of a family and the secrets of the Gigondas vineyard. A journey to the heart of Domaine Santa Duc.


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