FlipHTML5 Converts Children’s Book PDF to Engaging Digital Format


Storybooks help children learn while entertaining them. FlipHTML5 makes it easy for anyone to convert PDF children’s book to digital format with rich media content.

Children’s story books are a great way to develop children’s minds and improve their education while having fun. Many generations have greatly benefited from classic and even more contemporary storybooks. Kids today tend to prefer videos and animation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy storybooks, too. With FlipHTML5 a children’s book pdf can be quickly converted into a digital format that will captivate any child. Parents and teachers can use this resource to provide endless entertainment for their children.

FlipHTML5 is easy to use – no technical or coding skills required. Any user can upload a PDF children’s book on the website and it will be automatically converted to rich HTML5 format. There are templates, themes, and backgrounds that can be used to beautify the PDF children’s book. The dynamic page turning effect and sound will entertain children while providing the feel of a traditional book.

For people looking to turn a PDF children’s book into an animated experience, FlipHTML5 is the perfect choice. Users can add audio, videos, GIFs and animations to their children’s book PDF. Recordings of the story being played, videos demonstrating key story concepts, and animated illustrations all help convey the story while giving kids the digital experience they crave.

One of the advantages of digital publications is the possibility of sharing them without risking losing them. Don’t worry if someone will return the book they borrowed. With FlipHTML5, sharing a digital version of a children’s book in PDF format is a breeze. Once the flipbook is published, it generates a URL that can be shared with anyone, anywhere. Parents can share with their children’s friends and teachers can share with their students. There is also an embed code that can be used to embed the digital storybooks on websites and in learning management systems.

FlipHTML5 offers a virtual library to store multiple publications if users have more than one PDF children’s book. Books can be sorted by subject, date and other categories, just like with a regular library. And the virtual library can also be embedded and shared.

“We’re excited to help make children’s fun by providing the ability to convert a PDF children’s book to digital format,” says FlipHTML5 Designer Anna Lee.

Learn more about converting children’s books to PDF at FlipHTML5.

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