FlipHTML5 turns PDF coloring book into online flipbook


Coloring is a useful learning activity for young children. FlipHTML5 will convert a PDF coloring book into an interactive flipbook that kids will enjoy for hours.

A printable pdf coloring book makes a great activity for young children, providing endless hours of fun. An interactive digital version might prove even more appealing to today’s generation of children. FlipHTML5 offers the perfect solution for turning a PDF coloring book into a lively and engaging activity book for kids. It is suitable for parents and educators as it is easy to navigate and does not require any technical skills or software downloads. Best of all, free.

FlipHTML5 makes it easy to create activities for kids that will keep them entertained while they learn. Just upload a PDF coloring book to the FlipHTML5 website and it will be automatically converted into a flipbook with page-turning effects and sound similar to a physical book. They can choose a template, theme, and background to customize the look of the book. Then they’re all set to add all kinds of exciting elements.

A PDF coloring book will likely consist mostly of images or illustrations with added text. FlipHTML5 allows users to add multimedia elements such as audio, videos, animations, gifs and links. The PDF coloring book will become a moving, talking experience that will keep kids engaged for hours. It is also easy for them to move from one page to another, by clicking on the corners of the pages or by using the next and previous buttons. Users can even add a clickable table of contents and thumbnails for faster navigation.

A PDF coloring book can be used at home or in the classroom. Teachers can share their creations with students in their virtual as well as physical classrooms. Each flipbook has a unique URL for effortless sharing as well as an embed code that can be used to embed the PDF coloring book into school websites and learning management systems. Parents can share their children’s coloring books with their friends.

For people without a website, FlipHTML5 offers free web hosting and cloud storage. They just upload the completed PDF coloring book to the server. If they have several, they can take advantage of the virtual library to store and display them.

“FlipHTML5 was designed so that someone could take something like a PDF coloring book and turn it into something kids can work on and feel accomplished,” says FlipHTML5 designer Anna Lee.

To learn more about how to make a PDF coloring book, please visit FlipHTML5.

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