Godzilla & Kong Art Book Teases ‘Skull Island’ Deleted Scene


Screen Rant has exclusive artwork from artist Richard Bennet while Clover Press hopes to reclaim his work from Godzilla and Kong with a Kickstarter campaign.

Legendary’s Monsterverse fans will soon have the opportunity to get additional insight into the creative process of introducing kaiju icons Godzilla and Kong live. Clover Press is launching a Kickstarter for Godzilla & Kong: The Cinematic Art of Storyboarding by Richard Bennett, a coffee table book to showcase the work of storyboard artist Richard Bennett. Screen Rant has an exclusive broadcast showing a deleted scene from Kong: Skull Island.

Richard Bennett is a highly respected storyboard artist and has collaborated with several notable directors such as Brad Bird, JJ Abrams, David Fincher, and Christopher Nolan. Bennett also worked on Legendary’s Monsterverse movies Godzilla: King of the Monsters, Kong: Skull Islandand the hit crossover movie Godzilla vs. Kong. Now that the two iconic movie monsters have met and battled it out, fans can now get a glimpse of the creative process that fleshed out the world of these larger-than-life stars.


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If the next Kickstarter is funded, then Godzilla & Kong: The Cinematic Art of Storyboarding by Richard Bennett will feature a selection of top notch storyboard footage from the Warner Bros franchise and Legendary Pictures. Not only will fans see the art of the footage that made the final cut, but of the scenes that sadly didn’t make it to the cinema. Bennett emphasizes what such a book means by saying:

“This book is an opportunity to shed light on both the process of creating a Hollywood blockbuster and the art of storyboarding. It will feature plenty of evidence showing the early planning of each scene and will also give fans a chance to take a look at some of the deleted scenes that have never been shown on the big screen. I started out as a comic book artist, and fans of comics and movies will see how this experience influences my work.

Screen Rant has an exclusive look at one of the scenes described by Bennett that was cut from Kong: Skull Islandentitled “BOAT CITY” as well as another sequence entitled “BONEYARD”.

Deleted scene from Kong Skull Island Boat City.

Deleted scene from Kong Skull Island Boat City.

Removed the Kong Skull Island scene, the Boneyard.

Removed the Kong Skull Island scene, the Boneyard.

A part of Godzilla vs. by Kong the concept art was gorgeous, and to house that art, this new book will come in a huge 11.75″ x 8.5″ widescreen format with over 200 pages full of content for any fan of Monsterverse can enjoy it. The book contains a taste of Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard as well as an afterword by Oscar-nominated production designer Stefan Dechant. With all the amazing content featured in the book, Monsterverse fans aren’t the only ones to enjoy it. With color stills and insights from Bennett, the tome is suitable for anyone who can appreciate such a crucial aspect of cinema as storyboarding.

Fans who want to see this book become a reality and who want to donate to the Clover Press Kickstarter can do so here. If the goal is reached, kaiju fans around the world will be able to add Godzilla & Kong: The Cinematic Art of Storyboarding by Richard Bennett to their collection.

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