Gorillaz Host Jamie Hewlett Announces Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee Art Book


Jamie Hewlett, the English animator and co-creator of Gorillaz, has announced an art book collecting his illustrations for Action Phoo and Get the gifts. Phoo Action: Silver Jubilee includes an oral history of the Action Phoo TV show, adapted for a 2008 BBC pilot from the Get the gifts comic strip published in the magazine culture The face in the 1990s. Co-authored by Mat Wakeham of Gorillaz, the book brings together the 12 parts Get the gifts comic in its entirety for the first time. It will be released in late fall via Z2 Comics. Check out the cover and preview pages below.

“To say that I cherish these characters and this property is an understatement,” Wakeham said in a statement. “This book is my open love letter to some of the funniest, most reprehensible and inspired underground comics of the late 20th century, from the hand of one of Britain’s greatest cultural luminaries, Mr. Jamie Hewlett.

The book follows the latest Gorillaz album Song Machine: Season 1 – Strange Timezwhich dropped in October 2020 and included contributions from St. Vincent, Elton John, Robert Smith of The Cure, EarthGang, GoldLink, and more. The Gorillaz Art Bookwith contributions from Robert Smith and Jack Black, among others, is due out in October after being delayed.

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Phoo Action: Silver Jubileecover by Jamie Hewlett


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