Hololive English Pixiv Fan Art Free Art Book Released


In September and October 2021, a Hololive English fan art contest appeared on Pixiv. The Hololive English Art Battle involved people contributing pieces featuring Myth and Council Vtubers. A reward promised to people participating in its stages would be an art book. Now the Hololive English x Pixiv Fanart Collection fan art book is available for free download.

The art book is a free PDF. As long as someone creates Pixiv and Booth accounts, they can claim a copy. While a total of 5,758 pieces were contributed during the competition, only the best were selected for this collection. The winning pieces are listed there. You can also see them on the official website. All pieces feature Vtubers Amelia Watson, Calliope Mori, Gura Gawr, Ina’nis Ninomae, Kiara Takanashi, Baelz Hakos, Fauna Ceres, Kronii Ouro, Mumei Nanashi and Sana Tsukomo

In other recent news from Hololive English, the Council Vtubers just played their first cover. Baelz, Fauna, Kronii, Mumei and Sana performed “Hikaru Nara” from Goose House.

New merchandise is also available for members of the Hololive Council. The items honor the band’s half-anniversary.

People can download the Hololive English x Pixiv Fanart Collection fan art book for free until March 31, 2022.


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