Images from the Dune art book show the concept art of the vehicle and costume [EXCLUSIVE]


Check out exclusive images from Dune’s companion book, The Art and Soul of Dune, showing concept art from Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film.

Screen cry may reveal exclusive images of the Dune art book, The art and soul of Dune. The accompanying book provides an overview of the making of Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film with a glimpse of how the world of the film came to life. Dune premieres in theaters on October 22 and on HBO Max a day earlier on October 21.

Dune is adapted from the science fiction novel of the same name by Frank Herbert. This tells the story of two rival families: the Atreides family, led by Duke Leto (Oscar Isaac), and the Harkonnen family, led by Baron Vladimir Harkonnen (Stellan Skarsgard). When House Atreides obtains stewardship of the planet Arrakis, it puts them in a dangerous position. Arrakis is a desert planet coveted for its spice, a drug that allows humans to navigate Warp space. From there, the struggle for resources begins with betrayal and political corruption.

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See four exclusive pages of The art and soul of Dune below. The images show how the concept art of the film and how those images came to life on screen. The first image shows a close-up of a heighliner, a spacecraft used to transport people and goods to and from distant planets. The second image shows concept art and sketches of a Harkonnen spice robot, used to extract spices from the desert. The third image shows the first costume sketches exploring the headgear and capes worn to survive in the desert. The fourth image shows the concept art and construction of an Atreid ornithopter. See the images here:

The art and soul of Dune heighliner

The art and soul of Dune Harkonnen spice crawler

Art and Soul of Dune costume sketches

The art and soul of the Dune Atreides ornithopter

The art and soul of Dune was written by Dune executive producer Tanya Lapointe with a preface by Denis Villeneuve and an introduction by Brian Herbert, son of Frank Herbert, and science fiction author Kevin J. Anderson. The accompanying art book immerses readers in the world of Dune, providing a look at how the environments and creatures were created for the film as well as a look at the costumes and digital effects. The art and soul of Dune also offers interviews with the actors and beautiful illustrations. The book will be available on October 22 in time for the film’s release and costs $ 50.

A limited edition version of The art and soul of Dune is also available for purchase. This edition comes with an exclusive accompanying volume featuring candid set photos and the personal take on star Josh Brolin and his memories of the production. The art and soul of Dune: limited edition costs $ 595.

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The art and soul of Dune and The art and soul of Dune: limited edition will be released on October 22.

  • Dune (2021)Release Date: October 22, 2021

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