Klodin Erb ‘Orlando’ Art Book Edition Patrick Frey


Klodin Erb is a Swiss artist well known for pushing the boundaries of painting. Not restricted to any particular style, Erb uses a number of techniques to create vibrant compositions that challenge preconceived notions of gender and identity.

Orlando is a new series and book that features nearly 2,000 portraits of varying subjects that Erb has painted over the years. The publication is based on the novel of the same name by Virginia Woolf, where a poet lives for more than five centuries and mysteriously changes sex. Erb’s book is both an investigation into the history of art and an investigation into his own identity as an artist.

“The amount of imagery makes it possible to become immersed, even lost, in the faces,” Erb said in a statement. Frida Kahlo, emojis, sheep and traditional portraits combine to transform the viewer into “a universal being in a timeless existence”.

Although the book is written in German, there are plenty of images to satisfy non-German speakers. Published by Edition Patrick Frey, Orlando spans 240 pages and is available for purchase for US$59.

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