Lee Bae Monograph Perrotin Paris Art Book Charcoal


Perrotin recently concluded an emphatic exhibition of the work of South Korean artist Lee Bae. Set in the Marais district of Paris, the show invited audiences to immerse themselves in a series of large-scale charcoal drawings, paintings and sculptures that ruminate on the abyss of darkness.

To follow, the gallery published the first monograph on Bae which summarizes her multidisciplinary practice. On 244 pages, Lee Bae is written in English, French and Chinese and includes reviews by Virginia Moon and Henri-François Debailleux, as well as an interview with the artist and Cheryl Sim. Using charcoal, a material Bae says would be one of the last materials on Earth if the apocalypse occurred, the artist’s monochromatic studies investigate the cycle of life and the fourth dimension of time.

The publication focuses on the various series of his work – from “From Fire” and “Landscapes” to “Brushstroke” and beyond. Lee Bae is available for purchase for US$65 from Perrotin’s online boutique, as well as select art bookstores around the world.

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