Love, Death + Robots Art Book Includes Stunning Pictures, Foreword by John Scalzi



netflix series Love, Death + Robots receives an official illustrated accompanying book, and Collider has your exclusive look at the images and foreword from The art of love, death + robots, which will delve deep into the creative process behind the hit series. Created by Tim miller and David Fincher, Love, Death + Robots invites different directors and artists to bring science fiction stories to life. The new companion book will explore the artistic choices made for each episode of the anthology’s three volumes, with the third volume scheduled to air on Netflix in 2022.

The art of love, death + robots is also accompanied by a preface by the science fiction author Jean Scalzi, which had three different short stories adapted in the first volume of Love, Death + Robots: “Three Robots”, “When Yogurt Took Over” and “Missives from Possible Futures # 1: Alternate History Search Results. In his foreword, Scalzi praises the show and the way it makes the universes he has created “larger, more colorful, more visceral.” Scalzi also highlights how much freedom the different crews have to experiment with in each episode of Love, Death + Robots, which helps create distinct worlds that he is excited to explore as a member of the audience.

Since the unique artistic style of each episode of Love, Death + Robots is one of the main reasons the show has become so popular, a book that looks behind the scenes would be incomplete without some jaw-dropping images. That is why The art of love, death + robots features an abundance of beautiful art concepts, character studies, costume sketches, paintings, vehicle designs, storyboards, early vision decks, and finished frames. Plus, to help fans make sense of each piece of art, the book includes interviews with key artists and designers, as well as Miller and Fincher.



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The first volume of Love, Death + Robots, consisting of 18 episodes, was released on Netflix in March 2019. Due to the success of the series, the series has been renewed for a second volume of eight episodes released earlier this year. A third volume is currently in production, with no release date yet set. The show has been highly regarded by audiences and critics alike, and has already won 11 Emmy Awards in Volumes 1 and 2, including two wins for the Outstanding Short-lived Animation Program.

The first two volumes of Love, Death + Robots are available now on Netflix. Volume 3 will arrive on the streaming platform sometime in 2022. The art of love, death + robots will be out on May 31, 2022. Check out Scalzi’s touching foreword and some of the images featured in the companion book below:














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