Mexican Revolution Era History Book Also Talks About Tomorrow


Get up ! : Global Radicalism

“It is not out of moral outrage alone that people have given their lives in the struggle for better worlds. Nor is it out of purity of teaching over theory. There is no certainly no royal road, only one made by walking. Many have walked, many have been forced to move, many have found roads by walking with others. This book has attempted to map some of that movement in hopes of making future routes possible. History is not a guide but a map drawn in the stars of past lights. From the prison of the present is a recognition : we have been warmed by other fires which we have not yet lit. What warmth and light will we leave behind?”

This is the last paragraph of Arise!: Global Radicalism in the Age of the Mexican Revolution. This hot press book is as much a history of the present as the stories and struggles presented in this book continue to remind us of the presence of history. The clarity and eloquence of the prose make intimately real the vast and expansive imagination of the people whose stories are told in Arise!

“The Mexican Revolution was a global event that catalyzed international radicals into unexpected places and struggles. Tracing the paths of figures such as black American artist Elizabeth Catlett, Indian anti-colonialist activist MN Roy, Mexican revolutionary leader Ricardo Flores Magón, Okinawa migrant organizer Paul Shinsei Kōchi, and Soviet feminist Alexandra Kollontai, Arise! reveals how activists around the world found inspiration and solidarity in revolutionary Mexico.

From art collectives and farmworker strikes to prison “universities” Arise! reconstructs how the radical organizers of this era found new ways to combat global capitalism. Drawing on prison records, surveillance data, memoirs, oral histories, visual art, and a rich treasure trove of untapped sources, Christina Heatherton examines how disparate revolutionary traditions coalesced into unforeseen alliances. From her unique perspective, she traces the remarkable impact of the Mexican Revolution as the radicals of this critical era forged anti-racist internationalism from below.

It is a book of today and tomorrow. This book draws connections between the struggle against global capitalism, localized planetary revolution, and the radical imagination that inspired the impossible. It is about how people organized, loved and created life to create a better world for themselves, others and those who came after them. It is about a solidarity created by the circulation of struggles across borders, languages, time zones and imaginaries for a different future. It’s about art, commodity fetishism, maps and prison universities. The book is the fire that makes the heat. It’s a story of global proportions, living stories in the local, living daily, in the people who have worked, imagined and created different worlds.

Arise! will receive literary awards from influential magazines, journals and scholarly organizations. It will be translated into several languages ​​and turned into a documentary series in several episodes. While waiting for its arrival or its publication in paperback or e-book, discover this interview on the web series and the podcast, Conjunctures.


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