NCERT Class 10 History Book 2021-22 | Download Chapter-Wise PDF


The NCERT History Textbook for Class 10 is available here in English and Hindi. You can download the PDF by Chapter of the latest NCERT book and use it to prepare for your Social Science Council 2022 exam.

NCERT Book for Class 10 History is the best book to fully understand the concepts and facts involved in the subject. This book explains all the important past events related to nationalism and industrialization in the simplest language that stimulates the interest of students. This helps them learn the subject easily and allows them to get high marks on their exam. Here we have provided NCERT Class 10 history book in English and Hindi. All chapters of the manual are provided in PDF format which students can download directly by clicking on the respective links mentioned below:

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To fully benefit from the NCERT Class 10 history book, students should also practice with the NCERT questions given at the end of each chapter of the book. These questions are designed to test students’ knowledge and give them a chance to self-assess by analyzing their weak points. In order to understand the correct way to approach NCERT questions, use the Class 10 NCERT story solutions prepared by subject matter experts Jagran Josh for help. These NCERT solutions are explained precisely and are quite easy to understand. Students will find these solutions very useful in preparing for their jury exam. The link to access NCERT history solutions is shown below:

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