New art book by John Harris will capture more of his dreamlike sci-fi landscapes


Legendary artist John Harris is best known for his almost ethereal paintings of sci-fi landscapes – and soon there will be a new collection of his work for fans. Titan Books announced The Art of John Harris II: Into the Blue, a hardcover book collecting decades of work by the 73-year-old painter. The new collection will focus on his most futuristic paintings and give readers a behind-the-scenes look at how certain projects went from sketch to finished work.

Some of Harris’ most iconic works include book covers for the likes of Isaac Asimov to Jack Vance. And despite having a very distinct, surreal style — he says ideas come to him through meditation and lucid dreaming — Harris once said The edge that he does not consciously paint in a specific way.

“It always baffles me when this question of style comes up because I consciously don’t have a style,” he explains. “It’s not being dishonest. I’m just trying to paint what’s on my mind. If people recognize my style, maybe what they’re seeing is just a feeling or vision that’s personal to me. Maybe that’s why he seems to resist fad – because it’s not a fad (Harris previously released a collection with Titan called beyond the horizon in 2014.)

In the blue will be available on October 11, 2022. You can view a selection of his work at beyond the horizon in the gallery above and check out the cover of the new collection below.

Image: Titan Books


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