New comic book store opens today in Crossville, Tennessee



Yesterday, Scott hoffman posted on facebook “Hello Crossville folks, now is the time to open a comic book and collectibles store if you live in or near the Crossville area and want to check me out, I will be open from tomorrow morning at 10 time.”

SLEY Comics location in Crossville, Tennessee, screenshot from Google Streetview

BD SLEY takes the initials of Scott, his wife Yvonne, and their children Lily Rose and Eleanor. Scott tells Bleeding Cool, “I started with a dream about 20 years ago. I wanted to open a comic book and collectibles store. That’s when I started collecting. , I was single until two years ago on February 24, 2019. Then I met my beautiful wife. I was a boy from Florida, born and raised, lived there all my life. She was from a military family and was born in Scotland. I met her in a haunted house where we both worked, I was the manager, she was an employee, we started talking and we got together reunited. A year later we got married and then she asked me to move to Tennessee to be closer to her family. My mom passed away about two years ago in November, so I said, pack our bags. My dad was an elderly man in the 80s, we packed him, we packed everything, we sent the kids ahead and n e went to Tennessee. We moved to Crossville, her parents live in Spring City, Tennessee, and I had this dream of opening a comic book store, she made it come true and the rest is history. I am finally in a building, selling bricks and mortar. I started at the local flea market, I was pretty successful and now I’m in the store, hoping to be successful. “

New comic book store opens today in Crossville, Tennessee
SLEY Comics, image by Scott Hoffman

It also tells us “we ship, we are a tracker if you are looking for specific items, I can find them for you. I have everything from Marvel Legends to Funko POPs to Marvel Selects to Diamond Gallery statues to art from comics. ” BD SLEY can be found at 2514 Lantana Road. Suite 101, Crossville, TN 38572, Monday to Thursday 10 to 8, Friday 10 to 9, Saturday 9 to 9.

Bleeding Cool attempts to mark the arrival and passage of comic book stores as well as their opening. Existing fanbases are likely to raise awareness of these, but please let us know if a comic book store is opening or closing in your neighborhood. Just email [email protected] and give us as many details as possible.

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