New ‘Loki’ Concept Art Book Reveals Alternate Season 1 Ending


Oh, my poor Loki Stans. It has been a long time, long a year and a half since the end of season 1 of its eponymous Disney + series, and we still have months before season 2. Of course, we have set photos and a D23 trailer that leaked for two glorious seconds on TikTok, but otherwise things have been pretty dry on Loki’s front.

Now, though, Marvel has released a Season 1 concept art book, so at least we can run through some of the Lokis that might have been!

Cover of Marvel's Loki: The Art of the Series

The book, Marvel’s Loki: The Art of the Series, costs $60 and isn’t on most store shelves, but some helpful fans have posted snippets online. Some of the concept art shows Loki in Imperial Rome, the Old West, and the 1970s. If you look closely, you’ll see that one of Loki’s original costume concepts was straight out of Marvel’s. Loki Season 2″>Loki: Agent of Asgard, complete with stubble on his chin.

Few of these concepts made it into the series, although some of the concept art appears in Loki episode 2, when Mobius displays holograms of Loki variants that TVA has captured. Additionally, the 1970s setting will be explored in Season 2.

Other concepts show weirder variants of Loki, such as Loki the Imp and Loki the Cat.

There’s also concept art for Miss Minutes and Mobius.

Of course, concept art often points to storylines that, in an alternate timeline, would have been included in the series’ final cut, and this art is no different. What could Loki have been doing in Rome or the Old West? Mischief, no doubt.

Some of the art even hints at an alternate ending to the series… which we might still get eventually.

Wesley Burt reveals an alternate ending for Loki

The book includes interviews with various members of the team, including visual development illustrator Wesley Burt. According to Burt, some of the costume designs were for the season finale, in which Loki would leave at sunset.

The drawings were “our send-off for Loki,” Burt says. “It was going to be his costume change at the end. He’s grown and changed, and he’s more at peace at this point. He was going to go on some of his own adventures in a different realm… the [costumes] in the puffy white and black robes both looked like an enlightened Loki practicing yoga, or something.

As we know, however, things turn out very differently at the end of Season 1, with Loki discovering that the Multiversal War he tried to prevent is already underway. Instead of taking up yoga, Loki finds himself forced to become a hero and prevent the entire multiverse from collapsing.

Of course, that’s not to say Loki still won’t be able to embark on a new adventure after Marvel’s multiverse saga comes to an end with Secret Wars. Will he be an enlightened guy wearing dresses? Hmm. If anyone can pull this off, it’s Tom Hiddleston, but hopefully Loki keeps his edge even after helping save the multiverse.

(featured image: Marvel)

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