Out of print storybook success for mother and son team


Mother and son duo with their books

A mother and son writing duo find success with a unique journey through black history.
Tayma Hunte, 30, and her son Isaiah Marche-Hunte, 10, a student at Torriano School, are behind three I Am books — with more to come.
They wrote them together in their house near Caledonian Road.
Buzz around the books grew after social media support from Swiss, member of chart-topping UK band So Solid Crew and the masterminds behind the Black Pound Day store in Westfield.
He launched the project in June 2020 to inspire the public to support black businesses one day a week.
Swiss praised the book on Instagram, where he has 28,000 followers, for “the unique fusion of personalities from different time periods who made an impact in their relevant parts of the world”.
“We were very lucky,” said Ms. Hunte, a freelance interior designer. “The first day we had our books in [the Black Pound Store] was the launch. It was open on Saturday and Sunday, and on Sunday we received an email saying there were only two books left.
I Am Rooted expands the lens of black history to take into account the positive stories that are so often subsumed under the painful history of slavery.

Some of the books they wrote
Children will learn that the Black Panther Party not only fought for civil rights, but also played a huge role in black civil society by providing medical assistance and food to families in need.
And readers will discover figures like Jean-Michel Basquiat, the first African-American artist to achieve global success in the 1980s, using his art for black activism and empowerment.
Tayma and Isaiah are now looking to shine the spotlight on inspiring black women, though they’re still deciding who will feature in the final version.
“While the books focus on black history, we also want more children to read them because we think it’s important for all children to see black representation in books and learn something about them. again,” Tayma said.
She is also working on a fiction for adults.
The mother and son have launched a crowdfunding campaign to support their new projects.
To support them, go to: ww.indiegogo.com/


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