Overwatch 2 Fans Not Happy With ‘Sneak Peek’ Art Book


Overwatch fans who expected a “preview” of Overwatch 2 in a recently released art book find the preview lacking.

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Monitoring fans are understandably excited about anything Blizzard might have to share about Monitor 2. With the support of Monitoring staggering because of Monitor 2While in development, fans can’t help but be worried about the sequel coming. That’s why, when Blizzard announced a “preview” of Monitoring 2 in the pages of his next The Art of Overwatch Vol. 2 hardcover, fans watched its arrival closely. The hype seems to be overdone, however, as The Art of Overwatch Vol. 2 under-diffused.


The Art of Overwatch Vol. 2 officially released on December 28, with pre-orders now starting to receive their copies. A fan was kind enough to drop by Monitor 2 “preview” pages and upload photos of them. What this includes is only two pages. The first is an article with short messages from the Monitor 2 development team regarding the ideas behind the sequel. The second features Tracer and Widow’s concept art of Monitor 2two characters who have both been previously revealed.

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While the previously shared concept art of Tracer and Widow is obviously disappointing for fans who have already followed Blizzard. Monitor 2 announcements, the article “Preview of things to come” contains interesting information. For example, Blizzard initially had no plans to redesign the characters for Monitor 2. Reworking the characters, however, has allowed Blizzard to create more “sophisticated” designs, especially when it comes to outfit materials and hair.

Another detail discussed is Blizzard’s hope that Monitor 2 will bring a type of player than the original Monitoring not. He mentions how Monitoring has a number of fans who appreciate the game’s art, characters, and lore, but dislike competitive multiplayer games. Monitor 2PvE modes will offer a different way to play the game, appealing to some of those fans who found competitive multiplayer too intense.

That’s really the extent of Blizzard’s “peek” at Monitor 2who should understand why fans are disappointed. Monitoring players wanted to at least take a look at some previously unannounced content. Or, more deeply, Monitoring players wanted to be reminded that their patience will be rewarded. It may still be the case, but not now.

There are a number of reasons why Blizzard has chosen to refrain from sharing new details about Monitor 2 for the moment. Those reasons include its likely distant release date, the cancellation of BlizzCon Online for early 2022, and the negative sentiment surrounding Activision Blizzard due to allegations of gender discrimination and harassment that include CEO Bobby Kotick. Monitor 2 however, remains under development. A bigger reveal will be coming, eventually.

Monitor 2 is in development.

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