‘Paola Pivi’ Phaidon Art Book Publication Sculpture


Today is the last day to interact with Paola Pivi’s immersive exhibition Free Landscape at the flagship of Perrotin in New York. But for those who couldn’t make the trip, Phaidon recently published the most comprehensive monograph on the artist to date.

Spanning 400 pages, the book features more than 250 images, including previously unpublished work from his nearly three-decade career. You can expect all the colorful polar bears the Italian-born, Alaska-based artist is known for, as well as a range of projects spanning video, photography, performance and installation.

Pivi’s work defies categorization – multicolored polar bears doing yoga, a masked Statue of Liberty, a massive video wall displaying over 40,000 images of reality – though disparate in subject and material, much of his work invites the viewer with a series of questions to answer of his own free will. In addition, Pivi’s installation works, such as the current Free Landscape denim tunnel, is designed to challenge viewers’ perception of space and the physical world.

Paula Pivi is edited by director, curator and writer, Justine Ludwig, and available for purchase through Phaidon for US$125.

In related news, there’s a new photobook about the enigmatic “Weird Al” Yankovic.


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