“People’s glasses” submissions Art book Nina Manandhar



In 2014, the popular blog, What we wore, posted a delivered chronicle of British fashion history through images taken from public submissions. The project was started as a way to present authentic testimonials about why people wore what they did and what it meant to them.

The title of the sequel will focus specifically on eyewear as a starting point for talking about the cultures that surround the accessory. Organized by the author and the photographer, Nina Manandhar, Eyeglasses will be in conjunction with a new exhibition at Welcome collection titled “In Plain Sight,” which explores the subjectivity surrounding perception and the way we see and are seen by others.

In an interview with This is nice, Manandhar says: “Eyewear has been an important part of young people’s style down through the generations, but since doing research I have found that there is not much written about it. from a personal point of view. ”

The book aims to spark these untold stories through personal narratives that showcase both everyday photos and professional shots. Unlike the first title, Eyeglasses is currently accepting submissions from outside the UK until the end of this month. You can submit by email, What We Wore’s website or by tagging #Peopleseyewear via Instagram. “In Plain Sight” will be presented at Wellcome Collection in the fall of 2022.

In other art news, Phillips will present “1970s / GRAFFITI / TODAY”.



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