Read Luca’s art book for free on the Disney site


Disney made the art book for Pixar Lucas available to read online. The PDF can be found on Disney’s website and shows some of the beautifully messy concept art and how it evolved into the final film.

When Polygon spoke with director Enrico Casarosa ahead of the film’s release, he spoke at length about trying to capture the imperfections of hand-drawn art in the computer, bringing that warmth and expressiveness to computer models. otherwise immaculate and perfect.

“My way of drawing is expressive and silly. It’s not refined. It’s not beautiful paintings – it’s like a caricature or something,” he said. “You learn to be very expressive as a story artist, and there was something about those drawings that you fall in love with, because they’re goofy. They’re funny. They’re kind of unusual.

You can definitely see this human hand in the concept art, especially in the character designs. The first sketches of the intrepid Alberto, found on pages 66 and 67, truly capture his goofy, messy energy. It’s easy to see how that translated into his final design. The art book also includes some photos from Pixar’s research trip to the Italian Riviera, as well as the resulting coastline sketches.

Lucas premiered on Disney Plus on June 18, 2021. In the film, two young sea monster boys venture into a human city for the first time and enter a contest together so they can win a Vespa and see the world. It is a beautiful pocket of sweet childhood summers and touches on the great feelings that accompany the first decisive friendships.

Disney isn’t the only studio releasing art books online during awards season. Earlier this month, Netflix released the art book for The Mitchells vs. the Machines.

Lucas and short mate Ciao Alberto are available on Disney Plus.


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