Sebastian König “Jamming” Illustration from the art book


Sebastien König is a Hamburg illustrator who knows well the confusion that can occur on the German autobahn. Like many artists who use their frustrations as inspiration, König has channeled his experiences of highway driving and the impending traffic jams that drive us all crazy in a new illustrated book titled, Interference.

Produced in collaboration with the Portuguese publisher, Stolen books, Interference presents König’s brilliant reduction of forms – taking common and complex questions and distilling them into editorial illustrations that have been presented for clients such as The New Yorker and Die zeit, to RIMOWA and Warby Parker.

“I really loved the absurd idea of ​​being forced to deal with strange circumstances in the microcosm of the freeway,” König said. This is nice. Adding: “It’s like a new world you step into when you’re on the road – if you get stuck there’s no way out and you and the other drivers have to come to terms with new rules. Being in a traffic jam shows all the bright and dark sides of humans. ”

The post is more than just a driving review, but also draws inspiration from the fun childhood car rides he took in his father’s BMW on his way to France. Interference is printed on Coral Book Natural 120grs Lecta smooth paper and is 64 pages long. The publication is available for purchase for 34 € / 40 USD.

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