Sheriff praises state law enforcement history book written by Columbia couple


Ronnie Erwin, a Columbia native, recently published a 516-page history book on Tennessee law enforcement from the early 1800s to the present day, who wrote and compiled the information with his beloved late wife. Judith “Lynn” McKee Erwin.

The complete book, “Stars Over Tennessee: Compilation of the History of the Sheriffs of Tennessee”, ran for about 10 years.

The final product is a comprehensive, embossed, bound history of all Tennessee sheriffs in all 95 counties of the state.

The 5-book collectible is filled with historical treats, colorful art, and data on the state’s sheriffs from Tennessee’s origins.

(Left) Maury County Archives Director Tom Price hosted a book signing last week for "Stars Over Tennessee: Tennessee Sheriffs History Compilation" by author Ronnie Erwin.

The book is dedicated to Lynn Erwin, who died in 2019.

The Maury County Archives held a book signing last week, attracting those interested in the history and Maury County Sheriff Bucky Rowland, who listened to Erwin’s presentation ahead of the book signing. .

“We love it,” Rowland said. “It absolutely blew my mind, the quality of the information and the thorough research. It exceeded all expectations. It’s remarkable the vision Ms. Lynn had for the book and the dedication Ronnie showed.”

Maury County Archives Director Tom Price said the work is a valuable addition to the archival collection.

“It’s incredible work. It contributes to the history of the state of Tennessee and Maury County and fills a gap in its law enforcement history,” Price said.


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