‘Shikeith: Notes Towards Becoming a Spill’ Art Book


Shikeith is an artist, filmmaker and photographer who investigates black male experiences in and around concepts of psychic space. Last year, the Philadelphia-born, Pittsburgh-based artist created a performative installation called Notes for becoming a spillwhich took place in Rockaway Beach, Queens for Performa 2021 and aimed to capture the mental framework of contemporary black men.

Subsequently, Shikeith worked with opening and the 7G Foundation to publish his first-ever monograph documenting performance through a series of striking studio portraits of black male subjects as they inhabit various states of meditation, prayer, and ecstasy. In a statement on the series, the artist described the work as “leaning towards the strange”, unearthing and examining the erotic potential of black men in an effort to better understand the “immaterial presences that haunt their bodies and their psyche.

The book spans 112 pages, including 70 images, where the theme of desire runs throughout – “an ideal, warm description that insists on the concrete possibility of another world”, says critic and curator Antwaun Sargent. .

Shikeith: Notes for becoming a spill is available for purchase for US$65 at select bookstores, such as Overture.


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