Solange shares her creative process in a new art book, “In Past Pupils and Smiles”


Solange Knowles has released an art book commemorating her 2019 performance at the 58th Venice Biennale International Art Exhibition. The 188-page monograph, In former students and smilescan be purchased for $55 from the Anteism Book website.

Composed and directed by Knowles, the Biennale performance presented “themes of protection, transformation and spiritual transcendence amid the depredations of the Venice floods”, according to The fader.

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Former students and smiles is “a work about protection, whether it’s self-preservation or the act of protecting those around you”, as described by Vogue. Along with documented conversations, the art book also explores Knowles’ creative interests, both formal – movement, architecture, fashion and expanding the boundaries of live performance – and theoretical, touching on the many black women who inspired his approach to artistic creation.

Readers can also enjoy behind-the-scenes photographs and live performances and written conversations from collaborators like co-curator Aaron Cezar, musician Greg Bryant, costume designer Kyle Luu and hairstylist Virginie “Gin” Moreira.

“Documentation with still photography has always been very important,” the Houston native said. vogue. “In order for this work to endure, be archived and shared throughout history, I had us redo this performance without an audience to capture how the energetic force of the performance has changed.”

She added: “The sense of protection we had while blocking the public gaze became more of a celebration of us when he just played for us. We could very, very, very visibly feel this shift in energy.

Sur la pointe de la musique, Solange’s latest album When I come back home was released in 2019. She recently announced the upcoming premiere of her first original ballet score. The performance will take place at the New York City Ballet’s Fall Fashion Gala on September 28 via Lincoln Center.

Solange will make her Ballet debut

Solange will make her Ballet debut

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Solange is now a ballet composer

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