Tascen Witchcraft: The Library of Estorica Art Book


Halloween may be over, but that doesn’t mean the dread has to end. The global supplier of art books, Taschen, has published Witchcraft: the library of esotericism, which traces the history of folklore from its ancient roots to its modern incarnations.

Edited by Jessica hundley, and co-edited by the author, researcher and practitioner Pam grossman, the book delves deep into the many archetypes the witch has taken on over time. From the legend of Odysseus and the Celtic seductress Cerridwen, to the role of muse for many artists, including Francisco José de Goya and Albrecht Durer, with a constant presence in literature and cinema.

In an interview with This is nice, Grossman comments on Auguste Rodin’s 1890 painting, the witch’s sabbath, noting that the legend of the broomstick is “rooted in an old practice of women using broom handles to apply a psychoactive herbal ointment (or” flying ointment “) to their delicate tissues for rapid absorption, giving themselves thus a sensation of flight induced by hallucinogens. ”

Covering 520 pages, Witchcraft is a dense book that contains a number of essays, interviews and 400 complex works of art. You can purchase the book for $ 40 USD on Taschen.

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