The art book of Mary Esther artist Mont Martin-Montalvo is now available


MARY ESTHER – Mont Martin-Montalvo, formerly of Lynn Haven and now residing at Mary Esther, announced last week the release of her new art book, ‘Arte Montalvo,’ published by Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. of Pittsburgh.

According to the author, “Árte Montalvo” speaks of “the involuntary harvesting of the spirit. It is the act of being present, conscious, responsible for oneself, including emotions, actions in the spiritual and the tangible” .

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Hailing from the Park Slope neighborhood of Brooklyn, New York, Martin-Montalvo “dabbling” in drawings and paintings as a child and teenager, and said he realized the influence of his work late in the decade. thirties. During this time, he continued his quest for higher education and earned a degree in clinical psychology, which he says gave him insight into “the journey of the human mind and spirit.” He spends his time ghostwriting and publishing e-books under the “The Bee Cove” brand.

“Art requires presence, peace, reflection and intense emotions,” he said in a statement about the new book. “The works of my youth came to a standstill and re-emerged with the simple command to paint for love. Yet that love dissipates like diluted paint cascading down the rocky surface of a canvas.”

“Arte Montalvo” (58 pages, $21) is available in paperback and hardcover. For more details or to order a copy, visit the publisher’s website and online store at

“Each viewer will experience various reactions and emotions through your unique perception,” the artist said. “What you will find in these pages is a reflection of your inner self. It is the inner workings of your life, expressed through mine.”


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