The official Gotham Knights collectors compendium is more than an art book


POSSIBLE MINOR SPOILERSIt’s not uncommon for a major launch to receive some kind of art book, strategy guide, or compendium, but Gotham Knights‘ is unusual in that it does all three and more. The Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium provides an overview of the art of Gotham City and so on, concepts for various weapons and items, and a look at early characters, while offering a strategy for completing each mission in Gotham Knights. It adds some lore on top of that and adds a lot of development info to top it off.


Really, it’s pretty clear that, for any big DC fan, Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium is a must buy. Even for those who beat the game, with the aforementioned elements of strategy consuming much of the book, there’s so much here that provides context to the game in unique ways. This Collector’s Compendium is an all-arounder, and it’s clear that he’s an all-out on the game, with his development ideas being perhaps his most notable feature.

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Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium on the Game’s Origins, Batcave

While the book is filled with Gotham Knights development content, perhaps the most interesting details relate to the game’s pitch and the design of the bat cave. There’s a lot to learn, but these snippets really show how involved the development process can be. After all, it is quite clear that the beginning Gotham Knights killing Batman is a bold move and maybe even a tough sell. To get the whole team on board, this Collector’s Compendium reveals that creative director Patrick Redding and concept artist Manuel Vallelunga have created a 12-page comic titled Code Black, focusing on the battle between Batman and Ra’s al Ghul as seen at the start of the game. He reveals that this has was shown early in production as an internal pitch piece, to convince everyone that it was the right choice.

The Collector’s Compendium contains what appears to be two pages of panels from this comic, and continues to share how hard the development team worked to bring this world of Batman to life (even though they killed him in the process) . But it’s not just in the presentation of the game, but the attention to detail throughout the game is exemplified by these development ideas. Anyone who’s beaten the game knows they’ve visited the Batcave twice in total, but the artistry and insight shared in the book shows the time and care WB Games Montreal has put into creating this version of the Batcave. .

Gotham Knights’ Batcave features a ton of memorabilia from Batman’s adventures, adjusted to the tone of the game but perfectly suited to their inspirations. The Batwing, the T-Rex (from Dinosaur Island), the Joker Map (from the Clown Prince of Crime’s lair), the Giant Penny (acquired by Batman after a Penny Plunderer heist gone wrong), and the Point of Interest. The Riddler interrogation were all derived from past comics. book descriptions of the location, as well as cases that Batman has personally worked on. Those choices were to give the short-lived Batcave in Gotham Knights a sense of history. The concept art went as far as showing how the Wayne Manor and the Batcave were connected, including parts that would never be shown in-game. The Batcomputer was designed to have this real sense of its use, including an easter egg for the Justice League, and the Batmobile and Batwing were designed around some of the more recent comic book interpretations of these rides.

If the Batcave has attracted so much attention, it shows how in-depth development of every aspect of the game, including Gotham Knights‘ Belfry, was. These ideas and many more Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium more than useful reading.

Gotham Knights Collector’s Compendium and Game Objectives

Also, it’s not often that players can hear from the developers and learn how they approach the game. Collector’s Compendium does just that, offering a section where various developers explain their goals for the game. As many know, game development is an arduous process often requiring coordination between dozens, scores, or hundreds of people in various departments, and these goals reflect how each department was expected to perform its task while remaining in line with one another. Although it is by no means exhaustive, here is a brief overview of some of the main objectives of Gotham Knights.

Patrick Redding, Creative Director:

Our first priority, without a doubt, was to make the four knights ambitious, powerful and distinct in the way they play…

… If the heroes represent a pillar of the game, another is constituted by the enemies they fight. Fighting crime in Gotham City can’t be like anywhere else. We need a particular class of adversaries. We need villains who are distorted reflections of the ideals embodied by the hero: the joker, the monster, the mad scientist…

…Finally, there is Gotham City itself. Gotham Knights is really about what happens when the status quo is disrupted… For players to truly experience this, we needed to drop them into an ecosystem where everyday Gothamites struggle to survive, and let them explore a city of Gotham with distinct neighborhoods and terrains. surprised…

Narrative Director Ann Lemay:

One of the main goals of the narrative team for this game, beyond supporting the gameplay pillars, was to really bring the bonds of the Batman family to life through the characters and their interactions with each other. .

Film Director Wilson Mui:

To keep our fans excited and engaged, it was clear to me early on that we needed Gotham Knights to achieve several ambitious goals with cutscenes: Create engaging and emotional storytelling via humanized character moments, make our characters (including our villains!) dynamic and believable with evolving character arcs, respectfully sending Batman into his final moments and segueing into the ongoing stories of the Batman family, and visually pushing our cinematic storytelling on screen to make our mark.

Gotham Knights is available now on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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