The stage is ready for the theater-themed bookstore


A new thematic branch of bookstore chain Duoyun Books is expected to be unveiled on Christmas Eve on Changle Road in Huangpu District, with books related to theater and theater.

After the opening ceremony and the forum, it will open to the public on Christmas Day.

This bookstore is Duoyun Books’ fifth outlet in Shanghai and its second themed store, following the poetic-themed one that opened in December of last year.

Located near the Lyceum Theater, it presents stage scenarios and original works of theater and theater. There will be books covering relevant areas such as animation, theatrical construction, theatrical psychology, playwright biographies and photography.

The store will also provide services such as an art fair and a restaurant as well as innovative foreign and original cultural products.

It has a vintage-style cafe and an underground restaurant serving Japanese cuisine.

Until the end of January, it will offer readers a series of theater-themed activities to celebrate the opening, including lectures, concerts, readings and classes on arts education.

Hu June

Books recommended by people working in theater and theater related fields.

The stage is ready for the theater-themed bookstore

Hu June

The bookstore has an underground restaurant offering Japanese cuisine.

The stage is ready for the theater-themed bookstore

Hu June

Pop-up books of Shakespeare classics.

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