Vietnamese art book to be released in UK


Trang Nguyen, founder of local conservation group WildAct, poses with her book Chang Hoang Da – Gau (Saving Sorya, Chang and The Sun Bear). AFP

A wildlife art book by writer Trang Nguyen and painter Jeet Zdung will be released in the UK in September following a copyright agreement signed by the book’s publisher, Kim Dong Publishing House, and his partner, Pan MacMillan.

The book, Chang Hoang Da – Gau (Save Sorya, Chang and the Sun Bear), presents the journey of Chang, a young girl who dreams of saving endangered wild animals. He tells stories about animals close to extinction.

Chang’s adventure begins when she meets Sorya, a sun bear who has been rescued from traffickers by the Bear Rescue Center. She is determined to bring Sorya back to nature.

Chang and his new friend, Sorya, help readers experience the beauty of nature and the lives of wild animals through their stories.

Chang Hoang Da-Gau includes 120 watercolors by Jeet Zdung. The images are the result of a two month trip to nature.

The 120-page book was released in Vietnam in March 2020. Proceeds from sales of the book will be sent to wildlife projects in Vietnam.

It was issued by Pan MacMillan in five countries, China, South Korea, Norway, Turkey and the United States.

“I hope the book can touch the hearts of readers and encourage and inspire people to dream and protect the nature and vitality of the Earth,” said book author Trang, 31, owner of a doctorate in biodiversity management from the University of Kent in England.

In 2013, Trang founded WildAct, an NGO that focuses on monitoring illegal wildlife trade markets and delivering conservation education programs to Vietnamese youth. She also received a scholarship for wildlife conservation from the University of Cambridge.

In 2019, Trang was included in the BBC’s list of the 100 Most Inspirational and Influential Women in the World.

Artist Jeet Zdung, real name NguyenTien Dung, was born in 1988. He has won awards for his illustrations. His works were presented at the Cartoon Festival organized by the Wallonia – Brussels Delegation in Vietnam in 2012.


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