your name. The official visual guide


Title: your name. The official visual guide
Author: Makoto shinkai
Editor: Yen Press
Tongue: English
Format: Brooch
Pages: 128
Kind: Art book
Publication date: June 22, 2021

Final thoughts

It all started as a movie in 2016. It went on to receive a novelization and a manga adaptation. Now what was once the highest grossing film in Japanese history before Demon Slayer: Mugen Train, is presented again in an art book!

In case you haven’t experienced your name. Previously, the first 49 pages of the book tell the story of the film using selected scenes from the film itself as well as captions and text blocks that immerse you in the worlds of Taki and Mitsuha. You can relive all of their body swapping moments until that fateful final scene where they meet and say that famous line… “Kimi no Na wa…”

What comes next is a fairly short section but we get interviews with Taki and Mitsuha’s seiyuu as well as an interview with Makoto Shinkai and Ryunosuke Kamiki (Taki’s seiyuu). Shinkai has a very high opinion of the voice-over performances, even stating that they exceeded his expectations for the film. Kamiki even goes into great detail about how he played roles for Studio Ghibli and even compares the different directors he’s worked under.

I felt it was a fun touch for a lot of fans, at least in 2016 we were talking about how Makoto Shinkai is becoming the next Hayao Miyazaki. The discussion about this really resumed when your name. outmoded Abducted as if by magic in the total revenue generated. However, embracing her different roles and experiences was a moment of humility during the interview!

Interviews continued after that as the book speaks to Makoto Shinkai, art director Masashi Ando, ​​character designer Masayoshi Tanaka, group RADWIMPS and Arata Kanoh who handled the script for the film as well as the novelization of the film. movie.

Interviews occupy a good part of the book. Once we get to page 86, the artwork begins to shine in this visual guide. We are treated to a map of Tokyo where we see a mix of real shots and scenes from the movie in different locations such as Yoyogi Station, Roppongi, Suga Shrine and many more.

This is followed by your typical character guide where we’re treated to full sketches and renderings of all the characters in the movie, plus the info and backstory you’d expect from a section like this. . Props and other sketches of locations were added in the following section which inspired many scenes in the film.

Next, we end with a backgrounds section. Of course, everyone thinks that a Makoto Shinkai movie has a wallpaper in every frame, so this section just shows the amazing work CoMix Wave did on the movie.

Overall it was a decent artbook although I have some qualms with it. First of all, I think it’s too wordy. While the interviews are great and give a preview of the film, I didn’t think there was a need for half the book to be devoted to interviews when it is called Visual Guide.

I really loved the storytelling of the movie through visuals and commentary at the start and the sketches looked amazing in the character section. In the backgrounds section; however, I would have liked to have full page graphics rather than multiple images per page. CoMix Wave did a huge job on their art and felt it deserved a much better presentation than what has been given here in this book.

Other than that, I think if you’re a fan of the movie, this is still a must-have for you. Just reading and hearing the different perspectives of everyone involved was an education, but it left me wondering where all the art was. I think things could have been accomplished a little differently and the scattered nature of the selected pieces just seemed like an afterthought.

I would say the book itself is about 3/5 in terms of art books. You can’t go wrong, but I was hoping for something a little more.

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